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The path to MCSE:SharePoint. The Overview.

There have been some changes to certifications recently.  And with that new challenges and requirements.  In the past we had MCTS and MCITP or MCPD on a specific product and that was it, now the story is somewhat different. You will need to not only know the product (yes, I am one that still focuses on knowing a product not the test) but also the environment on which it sits or lives (therefore Windows Server and supporting services).

The requirements for MCSE: SharePoint now take you through the MCSA:Windows Server 2012.  Many have questioned this, I don’t. Why? I have seen plenty of “accidental SharePoint Farm Administrators” that have no background with the Server OS, much less with the services (like DNS and IIS).  Again, I am not saying this will guarantee knowledge but it does in some way require exposure to it.

So, again, the next number of posts will be to provide guidance for the needed knowledge for the test requirements.  If you have seen the way I go about this, you then know I don’t focus on exam questions, but rather providing guidance to the TechNet and MSDN documentation to get to know the product.  I will also in this case go through the process to setup your virtual environment to play with the products and get to know them.

Now, the requirements themselves are:

MCSA: Windows Server 2012.

Exam 70-410: Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012

Exam 70-411: Administering Windows Server 2012

Exam 70-412: Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services

There is also an Upgrade Path which means only one exam.  In order for that you need to be Certified as an MCITP: SharePoint Administrator, and then pass the following exam:

Exam 70-417: Upgrading Your Skills to MCSA Windows Server 2012

SharePoint specific exams.

Exam 70-331: Core Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013

Exam 70-332: Advanced Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013

Passing the 5 exams will grant you the MCSE: SharePoint credential.

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SharePoint Saturday Cincinnati Presentation: Difference between learning and training
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How to Configure Microsoft Word 2013 to Connect to Geekswithblogs

The first step in this process is to open Word 2013.

Once there, you will have the different templates available. You will select Blog Post.


Once the template for Blog Post opens, you will have a dialog popup with the option to Register a Blog Account. And click on Register Now.


The next part of the dialog will prompt you to provide the New Blog Account details, starting with the type of Blog you have (SharePoint, WordPress, TypePad and others are listed). In our case for GeeksWithBlogs, we will select Other.


Now come the juicy details! Under the New Account dialog, you will have the API set to MetaWebLog.
Then provide the Blog Post URL, this needs to be<your-account>/services/metablogapi.aspx (remember to change the <your-account> part with your info).
Then, enter your User Name and Password, click OK and you should be set (you will receive a dialog letting you know information will be transferred).


Hope it works for you!

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First blog post from Surface RT using Microsoft Word 2013

One of the concerns I had in using a Surface RT was the need I have to be able to post.
Recently, and not so recently, I have stopped posting. Between getting busy, carrying different devices. Well, it has been hard to do.

Tried doing that with an iPad, and I can't say it didn't work, it just didn't work for me. Again, back to the concern with the Surface RT. But, looking at the App Store I started getting that same frustration I had with other platforms that left me with a feeling of "I have to compromise because I am on a SubText platform". So, I stuck to posting from Windows Live Writer (great tool!).

This whole situation made me think and rethink my strategy, and then … a big DUH! What about using Microsoft Word 2013 for that? Would it work?

So, here is the test!

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Windows 8 and Cisco AnyConnect client issue

As many of us are doing these days, I have fully moved to Windows 8 on my PCs (laptops and desktops).  And in my role as a consultant I work with many clients, many of them use different vpn technologies.  While pretty much every single vpn client I had installed needed a trick or two to work, well Cisco’s AnyConnect vpn client had some issues.  Installation went well, no problem there.  The problem appeared when I attempted to connect, as I received the following message:


Pretty clear what the issue is, right? right??!!??

Doing a bit of research (Google knows!), I cam across the following fix:

Using our new favorite shortcut:  Windows Key + X

Then Run > regedit.

We then Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\vpnva

From the image you can tell there are additional characters in the DisplayName that interfere with the device being able to be correctly identified.


This is what it looks like originally.


We will remove those characters so it looks more like:


Close all open windows and attempt your connection.

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Speaking at SharePoint Saturday Cincinnati

I will be not only attending SPS Cincinnati, but also speaking. And I am very happy and excited about it!

The topic: The difference between learning and training: Creating a SharePoint based Learning Management System

The description: Training and learning have been defined as synonyms by many organizations. The difference is, training has focused on a classic and traditional model. Learning on the other hand, refers to achieving something from the receiving side of the story, not just delivery. In focusing on driving adoption it is important to have a strategy where learning is also part of the plan. This session focuses on how to create a SharePoint Learning Plan, and how to deliver the plan through the implementation of a Learning Management System.

Come join us!

More information about SharePoint Saturday Cincinnati can be found here:

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