Here I had a plan to post in September almost the same way I did in May, June and July, but business has been good (and I hope to not jinx it).

There has been plenty of stuff going on, TFS 2010 left and right, MSDN Forums, SharePoint (all flavors and variations), BizTalk, SQL Server, Commerce Server, even Host Integration Server.  And of course Hyper-V.  A lot has been explored and equal in the realm of learning.

From writing a Microsoft Official Course, giving self-publishing a try, creating some e-Learning, to my regular job as a Solutions Architect at Apparatus, Inc.  It has been the busy season (for about a year now) and the great thing, no signs of stopping (which is great!).

Anyway, more will come in the area of the Microsoft Official Course, the stuff I want to publish and I can’t wait to share the tales on the implementation experiences.