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In needing to apply this to a number of sites due to the need to standardize and centralize a connection string that is shared across multiple services, had to dive into what was involved in getting this in place.

Here is what I found:

A great patterns and practices document:

But for some reason, I couldn’t find something that went along with the directive found by calling the help parameter for aspnet_regiis.

So, read the guidance but my command ended up looking like this:

aspnet_regiis -pe "connectionStrings" -prov "DataProtectionConfigurationProvider" –pkm


-pe: Section to encrypt

-prov: provider to use DPAPI or RSA

-pkm: This is the setting the help info defines as needed if you are targeting Machine.config

Posted on Friday, August 20, 2010 12:02 PM Misc , ASP.NET | Back to top

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