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Arnie Rowland (a SQL Server MVP and an amazing individual) has come up with a a great challenge for anyone who happens to be unemployed or under-employed (as he puts it).  The challenge?  Well, go on an read about it

The original post:

An update, now joined by other MVPs (I see Ted Malone, another one of those great dudes I have had the joy of working with):

Pass this on, from Arnie’s post:

We are inviting unemployed or underemployed developers to propose a software project for a non-profit agency, school, or church. The idea is that we will provide a package of the latest software, tools, and training resources to help you improve your skills, get up to date with current technologies, gain practical experience, potentially earn a recommendation for your efforts, and in general, enjoy the feeling of accomplishing something useful for others. We are not giving out a ‘free lunch’, just supporting your efforts to personally gain from your own ‘sweat equity’.

Project Criteria:

  • Client is a registered IRS 503(c)3 non-profit, school, or church
  • Solves a problem or satisfies a need for the client
  • Client desires the project and is supportive
  • Uses any combination of .NET 4.0, Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008, or Windows Phone 7
  • May be a new software solution, or an upgrade to an existing software solution.
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