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I have been reading the information posted by Grant Holliday on the Management, Tuning and Troubleshooting of the TFS Data Warehouse.

What I find interesting and beneficial in his post is the lay of the land, where to start, what needs to be understood.

With that a starting point comes from MSDN  in Understanding the Reports and the surroundings for it. .  Specifically too, looking into understanding the components that play a part in how this information is managed .

The other gems in the information Grant provides is the information on the Administrative Report Pack for TFS 2010. The download link, accessible from his blog post or here.  And the other part, a description of what is to be found within the Report Pack.

All in all, the information that Grant Holliday and Brian Harry have been providing has been of great value and has increased the awareness of a better experience for those of us who have the responsibility of managing a TFS environment.

Posted on Monday, July 12, 2010 9:10 PM TFS | Back to top

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