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I have posted a Poll on Linked IN, to study about the pattern of usage of Voice Message and its awareness.


I request you, to kindly spare few seconds of yours to provide your valuable answer. 


Poll Question is:

What do U do, when the Person U are calling is not reachable / not picking & a Voice Prompts u to leave a Voice Message (VM)?

You can answer the Poll on Linked IN site (recommended, as it will give very good comparitve analysis) by clicking on this link:

Or if that is not possible, then by leaving your answer (from below mentioned options) as comment to this post:

1. Leave a VM
2. Don't leave VM & wait for callback
3. Don't leave VM & later send a SMS
4. Don't leave VM & try calling again later
5. Don't know, What is Voice Message (VM)

Thanks in advance...

posted on Thursday, November 12, 2009 6:33 PM


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