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Manish Agrawal My Experiments with Technology..

It is a very nice browser.. is the feeling, I got after using it for an hour or so. So the first impression is good.

But I can't write this blog post using it. So there is lot to be still done. For example it doesn't shows the RichEditBox toolbar as shown below over the Post Body entry box.

Similarly it is unable to show XML content as XML and renders it as html (without tags). These just some examples, I am sure Google will incorporate all such features in coming releases.

The things which I liked about Chrome are:

  • Smart use of Screen space (as default feature), providing maximum area for viewing
  • Smart use of Status bar, by only showing when it is required
  • Google Search directly from Address bar
  • Drag tab out to create new window or gather multiple tabs into one window
  • FAQ for web developers
  • Comics interpretation of key engineering decisions
  • Hold Back/Forward button to see history
  • Web Inspector: to see the elements and resources associated with the component by right clicking on it, including a hierarchy view of the DOM and a JavaScript console.
  • Treating Tabs as independent process (great lesson for Microsoft to improve IE's never ending Crashing problem)
  •  Open Source
  • Text Area Resizing option. Click & drag the bottom right corner of text area to resize.


As this is from Google the company which believes in releasing of rock solid products. And Chrome is still in Beta, so I will not mind the shortcomings and would wait for more features to be added.

Great work guys keep it up...



Download link

Features page

Posted on Tuesday, September 2, 2008 4:07 PM Technology Articles , Tools , Web 2.0 | Back to top

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