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May 2008 Entries

Mobile VAS related: Ivan Komarov as an editor of Eyeline Communication, has written many excellent blog-posts on Mobile technology. Link to few of them which I liked are as under: What is WAP- 2 ? USSD related posts What is it? How Does it Work? Pros and Cons Particulars-User-Experience USSD-iPhone ......

Lately Opera Software has released a report on Opera Mini usage and Trends of Mobile Internet. You can access the report here. As per the Report: Social Networking is the most popular service on Mobile devices among other Mobile Internet Sites. One Web will triumph over WAP content I am just pasting the report in my post as well, I hope Opera will not mind this and anyways it will be free promotion of Opera Mini Mobile Browser. Top Trends Social networking stands supreme Almost 40% of traffic worldwide ......

Mobile Application related:


ASP.NET related Kigg - Building a Digg Clone with ASP.Net MVC Part - 1 The Making of Blogo.NET Configuring & customizing the health monitoring system of ASP.NET Mobile Application related alcheMo - Technology (J2ME to BREW and iPhone porting solution) Mojax (Mobile Ajax application framework) - it provides access to device capabilities like Camera API, Location Services, Contacts and more. Android Weather Forecast - Google Weather API - Description Android Poor mans GPS - Cell (Tower) ID / Location ......

ASP.NET Page Life Cycle : Pradeep KV has written an excellent article describing the life cycle of ASP.Net Page. Multiple File Upload With Progress Bar Using Flash and ASP.NET Providing Web Applications with Context Sensitive Help Using RoboHelp WebHelp : by Robert Pittenger CAPTCHA Image : Brain Jar has written an excellent article to demonstrates how to create such an image and employ it within an ASP.NET web form. Tetris for Pocket PC : by Marcelo Ricardo de Oliveira Pocket 1945 - A C# .NET CF ......