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FMP3 Watch


Though it appears to be a normal watch visually, there are MP3 Player, Voice Recorder and Line-in Recording functions are built to it.

In addition to the above, MP3 music playing in this watch can be transmitted to FM radio by using FM transmitter function !

Usually as a watch, as a flash memory storage when connected to PC, as a wireless transmitter of MP3 music for car radio while in the car, as a music player when you are on the train, "FMP3 Watch" can be widely used from private to business.



MP3 files transfer is simple. Just connect the watch to PC with USB adapter included and it is ready.

No software or driver installation is necessary. Since flash memory in the watch is displayed as a removable drive, simply drag MP3 files and copy them to the drive, and the file transfer is completed.

FM transmitter is built-in to playback music on FM radio. Transmitting FM frequency can be switched between 88.1MHz, 88.5MHz, 3 of 88.9MHz, which enables fine tuning in any area.

Thanks to the latest FM transmitter IC, and cleverly laid out antenna built-in to watch band, noises are considerably reduced. You can enjoy music with clear sound quality.

Operations such as play, stop, next, back etc. can be easily done even while wearing the watch on your wrist. Enjoy music anywhere on your car radio, home FM radio, or mobile/portable FM radio !

Voice recording is possible even while working on PC as you see on this image. This feature can be widely used to record chatting, meeting or any sound or voice.

Voice or sound may be captured secretly since built-in microphone is hardly noticeable.

Continuous recording is possible as far the memory is available and battery lasts. Transfer data to PC for backup and editing !


Line-in recording is possible with connecting to playback device such as CD players etc. having audio line-out terminal, by using a cable attached

Audio recorded in the past in cassette tape or MD etc., can be stored as digital data without deterioration.

Recorded data is easily transferred to PC for backup or editing.

Time/Date/Day are displayed at a glance. Current status can be confirmed with LED colors.

1. Equalizer/Recording
2. Play/Stop
3. Prev. Song/Volume up
4. Next Song/Volume down
5. USB/Line-in
6. Time/Date/Day change
(Transmitter frequency change)
7. Day
8. Second
9. Day

All accessories necessary such as an AC adapter, earphones etc. are included for immediate use.

1. Watch
2. AC-USB conversion adapter (for charging)
3. USB extension cable
4. Audio cable
5. 3.5mm headphone conversion cable
6. Earphones
7. USB adapter

* Software to create MP3 files is not included. Please obtain separately.


USB 2.0

Memory Capacity 512MB, 1GB, 2GB
Battery Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery
Charging Time
Approx 2 hours (approx 4 hours for the first charge)
Playback Format MP3: Bit rate 32kbps~320Kbps
WMA: Bit rate 32kbps~320Kbps
Recording Format

Voice Recorder: WAV(Mono)
Line-in: WAV(Mono)

Recording Time 512MB model : approx 520 minutes
1GB model : approx 1040 minutes (approx 9 hours for continuous recording)
* note: Actual recorded date is not properly displayed due to clock is not used.
Continuous Playback Time Approx 9 hours
Approx 3 hours when transmitter is used
Water Resistant Water Resistant
FM Transmitting Rage

Approx 6m-10m

Weight 150-180g
Earphone Output 5mW + 5mW
Wrist Length Max 21cm
Environment Windows2000/XP, Mac OSX, with USB port
* Windows98SE/ME may be used, though not supported.

Look for the Thanko FMP3 watch available in 512MB, 1GB, and 2GB flavors for $106.67, $140, and $165, respectively.

You can check More info here.

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I am in US..from which website i can buy thanks fmp3 watch?

thanks, nareshg
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