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I have always thought MOSS (Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server) is an excellent platform and it is definitely gonna-be future platform of almost all kind of Application development and deployment. One of the example of this is Ben Robb's & Mei Ling's post.

In his blog-post Ben Robb has mentioned about Mei Ling blog-post on Commerce Server vs MOSS(showing how MOSS and Commerce Server can complement each other in provisioning an eCommerce site), also he has shown how the functionalities of CS overlap MOSS functionalities and what should be the next course of action for future versions of CS.

Thanks Ben Robb and Mei Ling.. for the Excellent work.

Another Example of this is yet another article of Ben Robb (Moving from design to reality - building in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007) hosted at ECM Team Blog. The introduction is below, the main body is here.

In the past, most SharePoint developers would have run a mile when faced with an initial design brief like this:

 While it had been difficult in the past to brand a SharePoint-based website with the kind of flexibility that marketing departments demand for their publicly facing websites, SharePoint developers can stop running right about now. This limitation simply disappears in the 2007 version of SharePoint with the support for ASP.NET 2.0 Master Pages technology.

 So, how did we go about creating a site with SharePoint that looks nothing like a typical SharePoint site? Surprisingly, it didn’t involve lots of C# code or editing files we really weren’t supposed to be. We actually made use of a lot of out of the box controls, and in the main used XHTML, CSS and XSLT to achieve the output that our client required.

To read the full article - go to the ECM Team Blog:

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