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Eric J. Smith has written a very good artcicle on How to Build Data Access Layer using Code Smith and .NetTiers Template Library

The Data Access Layer is the layer of application functionality that encapsulates all interactions with the database. Typically this type of code is hand written and requires specialized knowledge, not only of .NET, but of the specific data access routines too. Writing the DAL code for an application is one of the most monotonous, time consuming, repetitive, and likely bug-ridden aspects of building software..

Tutorial has covered almost everything a good DAL should have, you name it and it is there:

  • Strongly Typed
  • Pagination Support
  • Stored Procedure generation
  • Defining of namespace
  • Creation of Object Classes
  • NUnit Test Cases
  • Generation of WebServices for accessing methods
  • And many more features

And what else you can learn all this in 15 minutes...  wow

Posted on Thursday, February 23, 2006 7:12 PM Technology Articles | Back to top

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