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February 2006 Entries

Eric J. Smith has written a very good artcicle on How to Build Data Access Layer using Code Smith and .NetTiers Template Library The Data Access Layer is the layer of application functionality that encapsulates all interactions with the database. Typically this type of code is hand written and requires specialized knowledge, not only of .NET, but of the specific data access routines too. Writing the DAL code for an application is one of the most monotonous, time consuming, repetitive, and likely ......

With the limitations of IIS, many of us face the headaches of switching between web sites many times. IISAdmin.Net is a good utility tool which enables you to create, manage and switch between multiple WebSites with IIS on Windows XP. This overcomes the limitation of working with only one website on XP-IIS combination.i.e. on XP-IIS there can only be one WebSite and there can be multiple application inside it. where as in IIS 6.0 on Windows 2003/2000 multiple Websites can be configured with multiple ......

Rajiv has written a good article on Using Query Notifications in .Net 2.0 Basically the article is about the new notification service of SQL Server 2005 which notifies the .Net code when any DML operations are performed on a specified table. Detailed article can be accessed at: ......

Narendra has written a good post on resolving the problem related to Digitally Signing of Assemblies is .Net 2.0 (url : The problem is: 1. To digitally sign assemblies “AssemblyIncludeSigni... must be set to true, but once it is set to true it becomes mandatory to write “AssemblyDelaySign... attribute in AssemblyInfo.cs file. 2. There is a logical error in the code (of AssemblyInfoTask.cs), which is mentioned ......