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In the Reuters article this morning “White House faces new questions on Katrina relief” they discuss the much debated FEMA Debit Card program. This article suggests, or states I guess, that FEMA has suspended this program and will now issue the $2000 in emergency disaster relief by direct deposit or CHECKS SENT BY MAIL!?!?!


Present day, an over crowded disaster relief station in Louisiana filled with people who have nothing but the clothes on their back, in a strange city, tired, hungry and exhausted from being recently displaced by hurricane Katrina and left stranded for days on end without assistance.

“Fill out this paperwork so we can get you your $2000 in emergency disaster relief.” says the FEMA worker who just finished lunch.  “What?” the displaced citizen of New Orleans replies, “How am I supposed to get my money from my bank account?  My bank is in New Orleans along with my debit cards and check book and I need the cash now.”  “Well,” replied the FEMA worker, “you can receive your emergency funds by postal mail, just provide us with your address and we’ll send it right out.”  Amazed and astonished the aid worker would even consider that a viable option the displaced citizen of New Orleans turns to him and beats the living shit out of him with his own clipboard.

and… scene.

Posted on Friday, September 9, 2005 7:30 AM Hurricane Katrina | Back to top

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