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Ok, I’m not trying to dupe Slashdot here but it is some very interesting stuff.  Google Maps has posted updated (August 31st) aerial photos of the New Orleans area post hurricane Katrina.  The NOAA has also posted a set of very detailed aerial shots.  I suggest you check out both sets but if you want some really detailed views of the damage spend your time with the NOAA shots.

You can view the new google aerial shots here or you can go to and search for New Orleans then click the red Katrina button in the top right.

Be sure and check out the Superdome and toggle between the Satellite and Katrina buttons for a pre and post aerial view.

If you know where you are clicking the NOAA aerial shots provide MUCH BETTER detail and are taken from a much lower altitude.  You can also check out the NOAA aerial shots here.  NOTE: the photo orientation is not always North.

It took a while but here and here are two good up close shots of the Superdome from the NOAA site.  You can even see the emergency vehicles on the highway.  Oh, and the main New Orleans city grid can be navigated here.  The coverage is not complete but it gives you a really good idea.

I knew it was bad but honestly, after seeing the aerial photos up close I wonder how that city will ever get out from under this one.  Leave your comments after checking out the aerial shots.

Posted on Tuesday, September 6, 2005 9:03 PM Hurricane Katrina | Back to top

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