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Posted on behalf of Michael Bayes

Mike e-mailed me a day or so ago and we started discussing the install of Vista Beta 1 on VMware ESX Server 2.5.1 build 14182.  As I have discussed before I love VMware but their ESX and GSX server products always lag behind the Workstation product in both virtual hardware version and driver version.  I’m sure there are reasons for this and that’s Ok… really I don’t mind that much.

Anyway, Mike was kind enough to share his experience with installing Vista Beta 1 on VMware ESX Server v2.5.1 build 14182.  I’ll hit the highlights for you.

His VM setup was 512MB of RAM, 8GB Harddisk and it’s running on a dual processor host.  The install ran normally with the few exception already noted here in previous posts.  RAW disk formatting and virtual disk size at least 8GB or more.  Where he ran into problems is when he went to install the ESX version of the vmxnet network driver.  We’ve been here before haven’t we?  Well the catch with ESX server is that the version of vmxnet driver packaged with their VMtools software is version while those of us on Workstation are using v2.0.0.5 of the vmxnet driver.  No matter what method was used the vmxnet driver v2.0.0.1 packaged with ESX Server 2.5.1 won’t work with Vista Beta 1, at least not that he could find.

Here are the workarounds he provides:

On another note Mike explained he uses SMP on ESX server and allocated 1 processor to Vista Beta 1.  He installed with one processor and once complete shut the guest down, gave the VM a second processor and turned it back on.  Vista recognized the “new“ processor, switched its self around (kernel) automatically to support both processors, rebooted and Vista came up with two processors.  Piece of cake!

That’s all there is to it.  Sounds like a Vista Beta 1 install on ESX server is almost as easy as the Workstation install.  Thanks to Mike to taking the time to share his experience.

Posted on Wednesday, August 3, 2005 10:58 AM Software , Windows Vista | Back to top

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I would very much appreciate if you could share with us the full details on how to install Vista on an ESX server.

Left by drifter on Dec 09, 2005 7:53 AM

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