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This topic comes up quite a bit but I though I would point out an article written this morning my Josh Ledgard on How to Ask a Question Online

Now, there’s always a FAQ here or a post there about the proper way to do this and honestly they are all correct.  The problem is that no one reads them or at the very least follows them.  We are all guilty of this at one time or another.  Josh makes mention of improperly formed questions in the MSDN forums and it should be full of people that KNOW BETTER!  Alas, I digress and remind myself that we are all guilty at some point or another.  I know I am!

Honestly it’s one of the reasons I can’t hang around very long.  I get tired of asking, “What version of this?”, or “What version of that?” when a properly formed question with all the facts would save everyone the time.  Most people don’t take the time to read and research their problem on their own and only wish to receive a quick response.  This “jump” is the cause for most of the poorly formed questions because they don’t take the time to really identify what someone else might need in order to help them.  An somewhat simple query string to Google will answer almost EVERY question on or any other web forum for that matter.  Ultimately I end up back there because I like to help.

The rule I like to leave people with is that for every problem, exception, error or BSOD (do we still have those?) you receive there is at least a dozen other people who have had it as well.  The question is are you going to go find them?  Don’t get me wrong, I love to help people and answer questions but I, like many others, do get annoyed when I go look for an answer for someone and the first 50 hits answer the exact question they asked.  Again, I digress and remind myself that we are all guilty of this at some point or another.

Posted on Tuesday, July 26, 2005 12:59 PM | Back to top

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