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Here in Flyover Country Talking about Project Management, Risk, and Statistics

Mainly going to use this as notes and such of what were discovering by overlaying WCF on an existing application.

So the set up...
In existence is...
1) a working web application
2) a server back end to support the web app (that we get to use for our needs)
3) a relatively complex hierarchy of classes (e.g. a inherits from b inherits from c, some interfaces are also referenced by c, as well as complex types.)

Our app will be a client/server application where the client will be in various offices located across a large geographic area. They communicate with the central office via a decent size WAN. Of course to do this communication we'll be using WCF.

O.k. issue number one...
we have a series of forms that have back end business objects with 3 layers of inheritance.

So first obvious "solution"...

Make a facade and have the service do the translation.

In other words look at the UI end and create a simplified object model based on that. One that will work easily as a data contract in WCF.

Then on the service end translate the incoming data into the needed business objects.

Upside - good separation,  don't have to touch business end
Downside - could be lot of upfront work if you're app will be doing a lot of back and forth between on screen and the client.

O.k. yes I started with the uber easy one... next what tools you can use if you have to serialize the actual business objects.

oh and code examples... as the above is just off the top of my head.

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