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Now I've heard everything

Just when you thought you had seen or heard it all along comes something like this. Please make the bad man stop!
Chris Garret was murdered in the line of duty in 2004. He was nominated for the Cross of Valour but denied it because the trial of his killer held up the application until the 2-yr time limit lapsed. That such a callous and automatous application of the rules is even possible leaves me dumbstruck. There is an online petition to correct this: http://www.petitiononline.c... Please take a moment to sign. Dave Just because I ......

Ed Bott over on ZDNet was installing a new OS. Being an experienced techno-wonk he used the following steps to ensure a smooth installation: I made sure I had a CD containing the latest released version, placed that CD in the drive, and restarted. The system detected the CD, launched the boot files, and allowed me to create a new partition to install the OS files. I answered a few questions and then let the installation proceed automatically. After everything completed (well under an hour), I created ......

And these are not the droids you're looking for... Is it just me or is this really bad? Warning: main(http://ezpolls.superst... failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! XCÙ  in /hsphere/local/home/*******... on line 109 The asterisks are where I've removed identifying information but suffice to say that this was on a commercial website that is using the ezpolls stuff. And no, it's not credit ......

Oh come on! I haven't gone postal on anyone for a while and then this caught my eye. Look Don, just because some first level extranet help desk person suggests that maybe you use some kind of memonic for your complex passwords does not mean that they are advocating poor security practices. You gave an example of a password you wanted to use as “qKa5$KucX#lD”. Correct me if I am mistaken but I'm almost certain you don't memorize a password like that. And if you're even remotely similar ......

N. Alex Rupp - a Java cognoscenti and blogger of some note - had these observations to make after attending our UG Leader summit at TechEd 2004 “I must admit, it was a little odd being a Java guy walking into a room full of .NET User Group Leaders from all around the country. The abundance of caffeine and general rowdiness of the 75 member crowd helped ease tensions somewhat, and while I got my bearings I took careful note of the group, its dynamic and the subject matter they were covering. ......

We have finally come full circle.  You'll want to check this out to see what I am talking about.  You'll need to disable your pop-up blocker but it's worth it.  Trust me.

Just because I can...

You may or may not have seen this: Kevin Downs, the creator and sole developer (I believe) of NDoc has thrown in the towel. Some of his reasons: The development and release of NDoc 1.3 was a huge amount of work, and by all accounts widely appreciated. Unfortunately, despite the almost ubiquitous use of NDoc, there has been no support for the project from the .Net developer community either financially or by development contributions. ......

Teens arrested in alleged MySpace extortion scam.

Normally I'd have something pithy to say but..

I got nothin'...

Just because I can...

The Spanish American War lasted for about four months back in 1898. The US government imposed a 3% tax on telephone service to help pay for it. It was essentially a tax on the wealthy as the telephone was definitely a luxury item affordable only by the well-to-do. One hundred and eight years later, they figure it's time to stop collecting. I smell refund! DaveJust because I can ......

...they weren't so frackin' lazy.

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Subject: Need S0ftware?

And I'll bet business is booming despite it.

Just because I can...

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