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Inspired via the Monkey.  His Kung Fu is strong.

Ladies and Gentlemen if I say I am a SOFTWARE ARCHITECT you will agree with me.  And I wish to speak to you today about DEVELOPING SOFTWARE.  There are those who will say they can craft you an application, and that may VERY WELL be TRUE.  But can they get you to ZERO BUG BOUNCE?  Can they craft a decent USER INTERFACE.  Can they craft a decent CONFIGURATION MANAGER?  Will they rely on a creaky THREE-TIER ARCHITECTURE or have they mastered FIVE?  It is these QUESTIONS you must consider.

I have applications running in the FORTUNE 500, you see.  I have had meetings with executives both HIGH and LOW.  You could go with someone from DEVRY, or someone who's developed an E-COMMERCE SITE, yes, for his UNCLE's fix-it business.  But only I can have the FUNCTIONAL SPECIFICATION and the ARCHITECTURAL ROADMAP for your application by APRIL.  I can do it, I can have it, and I can make it exciting, with an interactive help system and animated icons.  YOU can GO WITH SOMEONE ELSE, that is your right.  BUT you CANNOT say that you were not PRESENTED with the option to skip all that; to just DEVELOP WITH ME.

I await your decision.  I will sit here and calmly wax my mustache.  Please don't mind my son, D.W.  He will be stepping out momentarily to procure a REDBULL.

NOW, what is for LUNCH?

Yes.  There will be code.  And there will be blood.

Just because I can...

posted on Thursday, March 13, 2008 11:42 PM