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March 2008 Entries

It's that time of year again. Every year ASP.NET Pro Magazine runs its Reader's Choice Awards to find out what the community at large feels are the best tools and components available. There are categories for such things as the Best: Add-In Charting Component Component Set Grid Navigation Suite Online Editor Printing/Reporting Components Scheduling Components and more... The final choice is for Best Overall Component of the Year. Voting is now open and only takes a minute or two to complete. Head ......

Ok, now that's cool. I've been meaning to try out Windows Live Writer for making blog posts because one of the things that stops me from posting very much is that it's a bit of a pain. The editors that are embedded in blog software such as Subtext, a fork of the popular .Text software, are surprisingly good but can only take you so far. Things like inserting a picture can be a real pain and I always find myself switching to the source view to tweak things here and there. I fired up the program after ......

Inspired via the Monkey. His Kung Fu is strong. Ladies and Gentlemen if I say I am a SOFTWARE ARCHITECT you will agree with me. And I wish to speak to you today about DEVELOPING SOFTWARE. There are those who will say they can craft you an application, and that may VERY WELL be TRUE. But can they get you to ZERO BUG BOUNCE? Can they craft a decent USER INTERFACE. Can they craft a decent CONFIGURATION MANAGER? Will they rely on a creaky THREE-TIER ARCHITECTURE or have they mastered FIVE? It is these ......