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September 2006 Entries

Straight from the horse's mouth: Discover the latest update to the 2007 Microsoft® Office system Beta via download at We've listened carefully to your feedback and have developed a technical refresh with significant performance improvements and redesigns so you can support your organization's IT needs more effectively. New features of the Beta 2 Technical Refresh include: Better accessibility support Improved XML file format scheme Greater security Improved ......

Please don't do this: JOIN FilesON Events.IconFile = 'fileid=' + convert(varchar,Files.FileID) It hurts my eyes. Seriously. Don't. DaveJust because I can ......

Crikey! That's no way to cark it. In these days of vacuous, aeroplane blonde bimbos cavorting on screen for the benefit of the slack-jawed television viewer; in times when one trick pony Howie Mandell gets ANOTHER 15 minutes; at a point in history when the troll that is Tom Cruise IS SLEEPING WITH KATIE HOLMES!!! Sorry. It just makes me mad as a cut snake. Say what you will but Steve Irwin was a rare soul. He was a joyous Larrikin who was fit as a Mallee bull although some suspected there were Kangaroos ......