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My blog is worth $14,678.04.
How much is your blog worth?

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I have signed on as the Editor in Chief of the .NET queue at InfoQ (information queue) is a new online community that is currently un-launched (Beta is so played) InfoQ is focussed on change and innovation in enterprise software development. InfoQ is being published by C4Media, a company founded by creator and EJB Design Patterns author Floyd Marinescu, Roxanne Beverstein, and Webwork committer Alex Popescu. InfoQ is different from other sites such as The ServerSide in ......

Via Frank Arrigo

Recent Microsoft releases:

Longhorn Server
Office 2007
Exchange 12

Can you feel it?

Just because I can...

Teens arrested in alleged MySpace extortion scam.

Normally I'd have something pithy to say but..

I got nothin'...

Just because I can...

The Spanish American War lasted for about four months back in 1898. The US government imposed a 3% tax on telephone service to help pay for it. It was essentially a tax on the wealthy as the telephone was definitely a luxury item affordable only by the well-to-do. One hundred and eight years later, they figure it's time to stop collecting. I smell refund! DaveJust because I can ......

...or in as the case may be. Ok, so you're a twenty-five year old virgin and a little hottie you know says that if you can get 5 million hits on a website in 30 days, she'll help you out. He's more than halfway there with half the month to go. Check out his site and help this unfortunate soul. All he needs are hits. You don't have to do anything but hit it so that he can “hit it“. DaveJust because I can...(and he can too if you help him out) ......