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April 2005 Entries

You know, I tried to warn them. Just because it's open source and it's not Microsoft doesn't mean it's safe or of better quality. Here's the full details of the current exploit. Oh, and there's no “patch“ cause they don't need no stinking patches. But wait, there's no new version with a fix yet either.... The open source geeks are on it though, watch for a spike in Mountain Dew sales. Probably a good time to short Pepsi stock and make a quick buck. DaveJust because I can... ......

[Update note: I screwed up the resource centre link. Should be good now.] Rockford Lhotka pointed me to this place. The Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Resource Centre. What a fantastic idea. Jay Roxe posted a letter on his blog that he sent to every MVP that signed The Petition. Do yourself a favour; don't bother reading the comments. It's just more of the same tired old rhetoric. edjez whoever the hell he is, is even hard at work on this issue in the p&p group. Billy Hollis loves it; Rockford Lhotka ......