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Moved this into the articles section here:

HOWTO: Print to USB Printer from DOS

Just because I can...


Let it not be said that I am not an equal opportunity blogger.  For those that are interested in supporting the VB6 cause, you can go here to sign the petition.

Just because I can...

It seems that there are a few developers out there that are trying to petition Microsoft to keep VB6 alive. I'll repeat that. There are those that want VB6 to stick around. I'm pretty sure I know who a couple of them are. If ever there was a group of folks that just don't get it, it must be them. They have even gone so far as to suggest that VB6 and VB.NET should co-exist in the same IDE and that developers could even use both in the same solution and the interop could be handled seamlessly by the ......

In response to my previous post, Mike Flasko writes: Thank you. It is about time somebody said it. I have been fighting a loosing verbal battle with many religous FireFox followers. I say, "Ok, why is it more secure?". They reply with "uh umm uh it just is" - MINDSHARE indeed, well said!!! You are very welcome. I know exactly how you feel Mike. The concept of Mindshare is not mine. It is something put forth by Neal Stephenson in his work “In the Beginning was the Command Line.” It is ......

...but this guy takes the prize. Neil Parks writes on the IE Blog in regards to the IE7 announcement: “BIG FLAMING YAWN!!!!“ “I refuse to downgrade from Win ME to Win XP. So I guess I'll just have to keep using FireFox as my favorite browser.“ Downgrade from Win Me?!? He's got to be kidding. I don't know of a single person that doesn't regret installing that aberration. I'm pretty sure that even MS wants to forget that they released it. Just for a laugh, go to windows update ......

A poster on Slashdot was worried about the fact (?) that companies don't hire older programmers. He's 27. That's not the funny bit though. It triggered the following comments as follow-up: <snip> by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday March 02, @05:24PM (#11828402) This is news to me since I'm a programmer in my 50's and considered a youngster on my project. So as an insider, when is Duke Nukem Forever going to ship? </snip> ROTFL! DaveJust because I can... ......

I hate to say “I told you so” but… Just a day after one security firm warned of vulnerability in Firefox and Mozilla, a rival disclosed that another eight threaten the open-source browsers. [Click here for the full story] And once again you are required to upgrade the entire browser rather than apply a patch. Dave Just because I can… ......