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November 2004 Entries

Thanks to Rob Windsor for this tip: “It sounds too good to be true but Tiger Direct is selling Fossil Abacus Wrist Net watch for $29.97 with a $20 rebate, total cost to you is $9.97. This same watch is selling at Future Shop for $149.99.” Sweet. DaveJust because I can... ......

Through the Wintellect Blog: Think you get a lot of SPAM? Next time you feel like complaining, just be glad you're not The World's Most Spammed Man. DaveJust because I can...(and thank God nobody noticed) ......

If you have any interest in the US stock market, you might want to reconsider given this article...

Just because I can...


First one of these things told me I was JFK. Now, while I was certainly flattered, I felt it was just a bit off the mark. This new test based on Windows file extensions gets a little closer to the truth. Which File Extension are You? Now that's more like it! DaveJust because I can...(isn't that annoying?) ......