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Linux and Mac OS X Malware Activity
It's starting to happen. My prediction: It's going to be a blood-bath. Two reasons for my opinion are expressed clearly in this article. This one: “those running Linspire on a US$300 PC purchased from Wal-Mart might be more prone to be victimized by such ruses. “ And this one: “Mac OS X users need to be vigilant as well. 15 or so years of being relatively virus free may have lulled some Mac users into a sense of security.“ It's not going to be pretty. DaveJust because I can... ......

Posted On Sunday, October 31, 2004 11:53 PM

The Fifth Sign of the Blogosphere Apocalypse
It's been relatively quiet lately as far as apocolyptic prognostications go. As my followers (well, all two of you anyways) are no doubt aware, I've been predicting the demise of the blogosphere and tracking the signs of its impending doom. I've been somewhat concerned of late as there have been no new signs. My patience was rewarded recently when the Scobleizer posted this little gem: “I try to be very careful. Not only is my career at stake, but what I say here (or don't say here) could change ......

Posted On Sunday, October 31, 2004 10:21 PM

Oh My, That's Embarrassing

It seems that they have found a rather large security hole in the evil that is GMail.  It's nice of them to take the heat off of Microsoft for a while.  It just goes to show that developing a secure online application isn't as easy as some folks make it out to be.

Just because I can...


Posted On Sunday, October 31, 2004 9:38 PM

Starting and Running a User Group
I run a successful .NET user group and also work with the International .NET Association as Chair of the Marketing Committee. As such, I tend to get quite a few inquiries about what is involved in starting and running a user group. It's a lot more work than you might think. It was certainly more than I thought it would be. Going in with your eyes open will go a long way towards ensuring your success. To that end, I have outlined my experiences here. I hope that you will find them valuable. Here is ......

Posted On Monday, October 25, 2004 1:19 PM

Of Saddam and Superman
The unfortunate passing of Christopher Reeve this week reminded me of a song by Laurie Anderson from back in 1980-81. “O Superman“, from her album Big Science, is a stark piece written during Iran/Contra. Laurie comments: "I wrote O Superman during the Iran/Contra scandal," she said. "Americans have short memories. They don't realise that this is the same war that's been going on for 20 years." It is based on “O Soverain” from the Massenet opera “Le Cid” and originally ......

Posted On Wednesday, October 13, 2004 1:06 AM

WS-Management Spec Announced
“AMD, Intel Corporation, Microsoft Corp. and Sun Microsystems have announced the publication of Web Services Management (WS-Management), a Web services specification that addresses the cost and complexity of IT management by providing a common way for systems to access and exchange management information across their entire IT systems. “ You can get more details here: ......

Posted On Tuesday, October 12, 2004 10:33 AM

Hello Pot? This is Kettle.
All Java zealots and Microsoft detractors may now shut the hell up. “Sun Microsystems Inc. Thursday settled its software patent suit with Eastman Kodak Co. for $92 million. Sun said the resolution of the suit assured the Java community that Java users would not be affected by Kodak's legal action. The settlement came just as the penalty phase of the two companies' trial was set to begin. On Oct. 1 a federal district court jury in Rochester, N.Y., decided that Sun's Java technology violated ......

Posted On Friday, October 8, 2004 12:36 PM

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