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Toronto Star: "The Internet is fucked. And the people quickest to realize this are suicidal." Count me in!

Just got off the phone with Hawking who says the only way to get widespread adoption of XML-RPC would be to take it to the people who dog my cats and in places where it's cloudy and damp. (Microsoft says "sunny and warm" and my reply to that is eat shit and fuck that.) I couldn't agree more with Hawking and added the moment we get the foo into effect then there is a chance to do what needs, in times like those, a terrible thing to waste. I thought I made a good point and Keech agreed.

One year ago today I was working with Microsoft on why Bill Gates blamed me for his shortcomings. (Of course that was before he moved my cheese.) Oh well!

New York Times: "Web Logging (or 'blogging') is a masturbatory inbred-hit-counting stroke-off. And the people quickest to realize this are suicidal." Count me in!

Jim Morrison : "Before you accuse me take a look at yourself"

Last night I ran into Heidi Klum in Kitchener (where they did the wave when I walked in the auditorium) and I pushed my agenda so hard I couldn't help thinking just how proud my great-great-aunt's father would have done if he could have seen me. (Of course he would have to travel through time and they didn't have XML-RPC back then so it would have been impossible!) Turns out Heidi Klum is already using Frontier and connecting (using RSS! what else?) to the outboard motor of the hovercraft landing in my pool on every other Thursday when pigs fly. I thought I made a good point and Keech agreed.

Ozzy Ozborne : "Day of judgment, God is calling. On their knees the war pigs crawling. Begging mercy for their sins, Satan laughing spreads his wings"

Victor Stone is at it again. He's a sarcastic, hypocritical sleazy weasel (I know his kind, seen it a million times) and must be stopped. Call Microsoft! They know how to do that sort of thing.

Just because I can...

**Opinions stated in this post don't neccessarily represent those of David Totzke. At least not when he's properly medicated and restrained for his own protection.  Ed.

posted on Sunday, May 9, 2004 5:30 PM


# re: Oh man am I going to get mail... 9/26/2004 3:28 PM Pete Anderson
Me and a very good friend of mine are thinking of getting a charity concert organised. Taking all the big popstars(yourself included) to sing for the help of ALL needy people in the world ie Africa, Iraqu.and even the wind hit parts of America in fact anyone that needs help. If we could get it to be big then we're looking at millions donated. If you would like to ring me the number is UK07961 957562, we just need the help from people like your good selves

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