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I don't know if it's just me or what but installing this new stuff has been a real pain lately.  At the MVP summit in Redmond we were given a CD with the RC1 of the next service pack for Windows XP.  I grabbed an extra one just in case 'cause you never know.  When I went to install it, it failed during the inital file extraction process.  Ok, I thought, that disk is whacked, good thing I have another one.

Same problem.  :(

The next thing we all do is copy the CD contents to the hard drive and try again.

Same problem.

I downloaded the ISO image for RC1 from MSDN Subscriber downloads, burnt that to a CD and voila!  It installed just fine. 

The only problem I have now is that the ICA client for Citrix doesn't want to launch with RC1 installed.  This is just a hunch but it has stopped working on 2 machines that were previously fine.  One laptop, one desktop, and RC1 seems to be the common link.

Good luck!

Just because I can...


posted on Sunday, April 25, 2004 10:16 AM


# Window XP 6/14/2004 12:16 AM Prang
How could you explain about Window XP?

How can we use Window XP?

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