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It was great vacation with one special expirience... Speaking honestly to you - when I arrived in a tranquil French town called St. Girons [1], Ariege, I couldn't even imagine to find the scene from the movie with Johnny Depp and Juliette Binoch called "Chocolat". This place is called "Salon de thé Gilles Simonet".

Christopher Columbus discovered the chocolate in the new world at the end of the 15th century. Even if the chocolate recipe was kept secret by the Spanish aristrocrates, the succes of this invention was so that it went through the european borders. Thus each nation was going to find a particular way to accomodate chocolate and to enjoy it. And the french people have their own way...

The Chocolatier Gilles Simonet in the middle of the town St. Girons has passionately cultivated good taste and excellence, from chocolates, all handmade, to elegant refined presentations. And it becomes a unique articles as he gives a personal touch to all of his creations thanks to his long experience. While holding between your finger this half an ounce of happiness, think about the long way to obtain this mouthful of pleasure, delight of gods.

Bon appetit! ;-)


Salon de thé Gilles Simonet
9 place Jean Jaurès
Tél : 05 61 66 59 56
Fax : 05 61 04 66 86
Salon de thé.
"Tradition respectée, goût retrouvé !"

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