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Woot! I just found out about SQL Schemas. If you don't know SQL schemas are like namespaces in .Net code. So now I can organize my SQL tables into groups which should make life a whole lot easier. Now SQL Schema are not as fine grained as namespaces, and you could do this in 2000 it just wasn't as nice as it is now.

\_/ \_____/
 |      |-table name
 |- schema name

Now we can do things like security.user or logging.error without polluting the default dbo where we can keep just our app code. Now if we can just get vendors to hop on this wagon, it would be easier to mix apps inside one database instead of a whole bunch of databases.

As an added bonus NHibernate supports schemas right now.

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i want SQL Schemas...
like humanresources etc
mail me
Left by tarun sanchihar on Nov 19, 2008 4:26 PM

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