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I gave a presentation to the .NET Developers Group in Central Ohio tonight on Visual Studio Tools for Office 2005. It went pretty well, except for two rude<jk> people in the audience (not mentioning any names...uh...Dave Donaldson and Brian Prince). They let me know exactly when I said something very stupid, which actually happens quite often. Tonight it is was me telling people that I had 500mb (instead of 512mb or 1/2gig) of memory in my computer and that someone “more smarter” should be giving the presentation, among many others I'm sure.

VSTO 2005 just plain rocks. It is absolutely cool as a developer to have a design surface on top of Word documents and Excel documents. Place whatever managed controls you'd like on that surface and do databinding on things like the cells in an Excel document. Way cool, and that's only a small part of the whole experience. It should be exciting to see more developers building smart client applications built on VSTO 2005.

In the meantime, if you happen to give any presentations in Ohio and meet two guys holding hands with identical goofy smiles, don't let them sit together. Or, don't say anything stupid. :)

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