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The nightmares of an architect’s past
leave little hope for this tortured cast.
As development nears the midnight hour,
your .NET solution is losing power.
Keyboards and mice are thrown about,
as an overstressed coder suddenly screams out.
The distributed monsters are creeping near,
for these mere mortals, there is plenty to fear.

Enterprise Services is the Frankenstein,
a sinister member of the DCOM line.
So many parts stitched to each other,
problems abound - one after another.
Your blissful job you can lay to rest,
this wicked brute will destroy the best.
If a working system you happen to contrive,
you’re sure to yell “It’s Alive! It’s ALIVE!”

Remoting you tried once upon a time,
but you soon perceived he’s not sublime.
Nice enough in his normal form,
but the Werewolves soon begin to swarm.
There’s no silver bullet to kill this beast,
you’ll think of security last but not least.
Much to dread about this scary fellow,
leave him alone or he’ll serialize you yellow.

Our Dracula Web Services has his sex appeal,
but the promise of immortality is not real.
Dark vampires lurk and angle brackets fly by,
eager to suck your bandwidth dry.
Garlic-throwing geeks at their nerd dinners,
silver-crosses and wooden splinters,
Who will save us from SOAP over HTTP,
from distributed monsters, set us free!

None other than Indigo, our Van Helsing,
sanity, scalability and interop you bring.
“Stop this nonsense” he says with a roar,
“Distributed systems are no more!
Services! Services is what it’s all about!
Tightly-coupled never works out.”
Escape now from your distributed mess,
With Indigo you’ll do more with less.


Posted on Friday, October 29, 2004 12:52 AM .NET | Back to top

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