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This week has been exciting to say the least. Earlier in the week, I was named a Regional Director along with Scott Watermasysk, Doug Seven and Jonathan Goodyear. Last night, I went out and celebrated with my family and Kevin and Kathy Schuler.

After returning home, I checked my email and found out I received a Microsoft MVP award in the Visual Developer - ASP/ASP.NET community. So, now I have another excuse to celebrate.

I'm really proud of both the Regional Director appointment and the Microsoft MVP award. The activities that are involved are my absolute favorite things to do related to my job. There is no better feeling when someone tells me after a presentation or a blog article or some other interaction that it really helped them understand a concept or technology or provided them some new insight.

Thank you to those at Microsoft and to everyone in this community that put in a good word for me. These two awards are really motivating for me.

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