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This post by Joe Kraus is a great read. I came across it via David Hornik (VentureBlog).

Kraus discusses this book called MoneyBall that gives an inside look at how Oakland A's recruit talent to win against teams with more money. I like how Joe brings the analogy back to making good engineering hires:

"In Moneyball, Lewis describes the search for the statistics that matter - those that are highly correlated with scoring runs and thus winning games. And, it turns out that there are two in baseball -- slugging percentage and on-base percentage. Find these characteristics and you've got a strong likelihood that the player will contribute positively to the team.

And later on in the post...

I've been wondering if there are such engineering "stats" that are likely indicators of significant future contribution to a startup. Anyone out there got any ideas? For example, does being a commiter to a large open source project have a strong correlation with likely success inside a company?...What about coding for fun?"

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