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I'm Blogging TechlEd 2004!

Are you going to TechEd? I'm hoping to see a lot of people from last year's TechEd and the PDC. This will be my seventh TechEd (98-04). I'm officially an addict since I couldn't possibly miss a year and break this streak. I know there are others that have attended more than seven and I know at least one person who has attended every single year. Of all the conference's I've been to, it's still my favorite (the PDC was pretty great too). I have the most fun interesting memories from the two years in New Orleans (98 and 02).

Last year beat them all. Thru blogging, I connected with more people than I could have imagined and made some great friendships. The party rocked and (oh yeah) the content was good too. I remember being most interested in the soon-to-be-released (no, I mean it was soon-to-be-released at TechEd last year) WSE 2.0.

The anticipation is building for this year. Will San Diego be a great location? What new things can I learn? What announcements will be made? Jam Sessions, Concerts, Connections? Will WSE 2.0 finally be released? I can't wait!

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