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Small gotcha today after installing the Silverlight 3 beta "suite" - runtime, visual studio 2008 tools and blend 3 preview.
(side note: if you install the Silverlight 3 runtime BEFORE the visual studio 2008 tools, then the tools installation fails because it tries to reinstall the runtime... so either uninstall the runtime or don't install it at all standalone, the tools installation will take care of it)

Opening an existing Silverlight 2 project triggered the conversion to SL3, which worked fine. Suprisingly though, the service reference that the project had to a WCF service didn't work anymore. Looking at the generated reference file I found it to be empty (with just some comment at the top). Doing an "updated service reference" from VS2008 didn't do anything much so I was stuck.

Fortunately, an entry on Jimmy Lewis' blog about a similar situation led me on the right way to the fix: uninstall the Silverlight 2 SDK. After I did this and went back to "update service reference" the code was generated correctly and worked fine.

Hope this helps someone. Posted on Wednesday, April 15, 2009 1:34 PM | Back to top

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