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One of the biggest features that I always heard about with the iPhone is it has an App for everything. Must suck to be an iPhone developer right about now with everything having been created already.

Sure looks like it’s a great time to get in on building Apps for Windows Mobile or more specific the Windows Phone 7 device even. In fact you only have to visit the Mobile App Match site to learn what people want and what some of the Devs are creating even.

MobileAppMatchI think this site can be a great source of inspiration for a future Dev. Sure you’ll see a lot of the same suggestions for Apps or perhaps variations of a particular feature in an App. The point is a lot of these suggestions are coming from people that are looking to buy the Windows Phone 7 and this is what they’d like to do with it in the end.

The sites goal is to introduce the App seekers with the App builders in the end. It gives you a place to vote on what you like and even provide a little feedback. You can also suggest an idea for an App you have or let someone know about an App your building.

For someone looking to build Apps, it gives you a place to perhaps find a future project to work on and then later release, or just maybe you’ll find an idea that sounds good, but needs a bit more or perhaps could be rolled into some other project you’ve had in mind.

Will your app be the first one in the Marketplace? Who knows… in fact you might find a full selection of Apps along the same line as what you’ve thought about building. I’m sure there is room for a dozen or so Twitter type apps out in the marketplace or maybe you need to create something else and simply add a bit of Twitter into that very App.

The launch of Windows Phone 7 is approaching us fast and I can only imagine what the Marketplace will have to offer us. Mobile App Match should be a great place for people to dream and hopefully make some of those dreams come true.

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