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I’d say this one of the coolest offerings for most Businesses and their Developers these days from Microsoft. Coming from a Dev Shop that uses a lot of Microsoft Products on a daily basis, its nice to have access to this vast collection of their Software & Tools over the course of a given year, through the Microsoft Developer Network.

But it doesn’t stop with just their Software Catalog on MSDN. In a lot of cases you also gain access to try out even much more than just their Software. How about access to try some of the features out on the new Windows Azure Platform? Access to Technical Support, MSDN Flash, E-Learning, MSDN Magazine, various Special Offers from Microsoft and their Partners, Priority Support on the MSDN Forums, and their Online Concierge service as well could be available too.

So with MSDN you’ll get the latest tools and updates over the course of a year and the additional resources & support for these tools along with it. But there is a price to pay for this kind of access… which is to be expected. In the end it all boils down to what the Managers and Accountants have decided after crunching their numbers and figuring out what is the best plan for your company.

But what if your an independent Developer though and find its hard to drop $10,000 or more for the Ultimate MSDN package? Well that is where Microsoft's various MSDN packages come in to play and the great thing is that the renewals afterwards are a lot less. You’ll just have to decide what kind of access and services you need to start out with and what your price point to buy in would be. Overall from a Large to Small shop, you are sure to find something worth while on the MSDN.

A Huge Gift
The saying, “Good things come to those who wait” has been around for many years. People could take both sides here and say if you wait, you just might miss out as well. I suppose I could see both sides to this argument.

For me, this past Thursday at our DDNUG meeting, I would say Fortune had smiled upon me in a very big way. I gained a great deal from attending the monthly meeting and I’d recommend it to others to seek out local meetings in their areas, it just might reward you in the end.

You’ll gain lots of inspirations and information from the peers in your area to start with. In a lot of cases you will also gain access to some free tools, books, and tech items through local group giveaway drawings. The fact is, if you don’t attend and even try, you will most certainly miss out on all of this.

MSDNultimateNFR I would like to express a huge Thank You to Paul Sheriff at this time. First for speaking at our past meeting on Silverlight Data Binding from A-Z, but also for donating some great prizes on his own to our local group. Very valuable prizes at that I might add and everyone attending also gained access to his samples as well as a Video on Silverlight XAML for the Complete Novice – part 1.

I for one am so very glad that I attended and was able to see some of the awesome and inspiring demos. But I’m especially thankful to have won my very own copy of the MSDN Ultimate Collection as well. I think this will be a tremendous asset for me over the year.

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