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rob-bwHey, thanks for stopping in here at dotGeek HQ and checking out what I have going on in here. I’m just now moving in and starting to get things set up in here.

I’m Robert Owens and I think I’ll go over what I have planned for dotGeek and will provide a little bit about myself to start off with first.

By day, I’m the Director of Websites for the American Paint Horse Association and over the years I’ve found that I’ve grown even fonder of horses I’d have to say. I think that helps me out with all of my daily duties… to enjoy the product so to speak that one deals with on a daily basis.

In addition to my job, I love web design, photography, reading, writing, movies, and playing video games. I’m also happily married and the father of two lovely girls. That all being said, I also love things that are Über-Cool & Techie and I hope that is what brought you into dotGeek.

So why the blog name dotGeek you might ask? Well I wanted to create a site to talk about these cool techie things and to share what I’ve learned and found out. I also hope I might be able to teach a couple things I might know too along the way. So I needed a name here on GeekswithBlogs.Net and I thought I’d go with that one thing that ties most of us all together, that Geek inside all of us.

What should you expect here? Well, I’m a designer by nature and I hope to focus on the design side of things for the most part and I feel that its better to work on my strengths in that respect and to talk more about these skills that I use on a daily basis.

I also hope to learn a few things along the way and plan to share some of that with you all. I’m not much of a programmer really, but I’ve set myself a goal to become more of one now and plan to use this blog here as a journal so to speak and cover my journey towards becoming more of a programmer.

I’m also passionate about new tech and plan to share some of my thoughts here, as it pertains to the areas of design for the most part and as I continue to work on those strengths of mine.

As of late and something I’ve been some what of a Sponge (soaking up all I can on the subject), is the topic of Windows Phone 7 and another reason that I’m pushing myself to become more of a programmer. I can’t wait until the release of this Smart Phone device here in the USA and I’ve already socked away the funds until I hear the news Verizon has given the go ahead to pick one of these devices up in their stores.

So that leaves me with only about three months or so to learn all I can and in the meantime I'll start building some really cool Apps. Hopefully I’ll have some cool things ready for release on the Marketplace or at least to play with on my own device come this November.

So if you’re new to all of this stuff too, then make sure you come on back from time to time and by all means, let me know what you think during this whole learning process at dotGeek. We just might learn some things together now.

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