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Added on January 19,2012

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NDepend is an awesome tool by Patrick Smacchia (C# MVP) which the primary goal is to let you analyze your application and to get clear idea about cross dependencies between objects, level of association between them and to know the condition of your code easily.

With NDepend you can get the summary of everything on what’s happening in your project at glance and provide a lot more cool features that would help you in analyzing your application.

Here's a sample screen shot of the tool:

Note that just to provide you a graphical representation of the tool I've just used a simple project.

The Visual Ndepend Interactive GUI is composed of the following main sections:

  • Class Browser
  • Dependency Graph/Matrix
  • Info
  • CQL Query Explorer

The Class Browser:

The class browser section allows you to dig into the class objects and methods.

The Dependency Graph/Matrix/Metrics

The Dependency graph is the best way to understand the architecture of the code. This is because by looking at the graph you would be able to determine how the objects are connected and related to each other.

The Dependcy Matrix allows you to determine which namespace is dependent to another. Below is a sample screenshot of how the Dependency Matrix look like:

In the Matrix above, The green indicates the number of methods in namespace on the left header that directly use members of namespace on the top header while Blue indicates the number of methods in namespace on the left header that is directly used by members of namespace on the top header.

The Info Section

The information section gives you the summary of all the information based on what are currently looking at .

The Code Query Language (CQL)

CQL is one the coolest feature in NDepend. It gives you the power to gather just about any information you need about your source code. CQL is very similar to SQL, but instead of querying the database, you are querying into your source-code. You can use CQL to quickly search for particular areas in your code that can be of your interest in term of code quality. For more information abou CQL,please see

Aside from the cool features mentioned above, NDepend also generates Code Analysis Report which wraps up all the information that you may need to know about your source codes. There are still many more things that I didn't mentioned about NDepend features here so I would suggest you to go through this link ( and start looking at the demo videos and documentations.

All I can say is that I am really impressed with this tool. Thanks to Patrick Smacchia for sharing this amazing tool and for giving me the opportunity to use this wonderful tool in my project. Really helpful!


Hope you'll find this post useful too!

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