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Articles containing Visual Basic related content.
Long past due is a review of Julie’s book, Programming Entity Framework, ISBN 978-0-596-52028-1 Julie adopted Entity Framework early on, from before it was even available to most MVP’s. This book is a reflection of that involvement with the product and the product teams over the past few years. This 23 chapter, 750+ page book covers a lot of ground and provides a great reference book for almost everything entity framework related. The first few chapters introduce the framework and will give you a ......

I was happy to find Small Basic from Microsoft that comes with a programming manual that is simple enough for anyone to follow. Download and more information here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/e... As of today the program is in CTP but makes writing windows programs very easy. First “Hello World” program is very simple: TextWindow.WriteLine("Hello World") When you start the program a very nice and simple dev environment comes up. Here with a program from the book showing nested ......