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Herve Roggero has just published a paper that outlines patterns for scaling using SQL Azure and the Blue Syntax (he and Scott Klein’s company) sharding api. You can find the paper at: http://www.bluesyntax.net/f... Herve and Scott have also just released an Apress book Pro SQL Azure. The idea of being able to split (shard) database operations automatically and control them from a web based management console is very appealing. These ideas have been talked about for a long time ......

I’ve been working with a program Scribe, similar in function to SSIS although I’m still an SSIS fanboy!! The main feature my customer has Scribe for is to load data into Microsoft CRM 4.0. A lot of what I’ve been doing is loading campaigns into CRM which are staged in SQL Server but I need to mark each one as imported so it will not get imported again. The screen shot below shows how to setup the Source update. One important thing is that the source SQL table has to have a primary key defined (this ......

Found an interesting thing that others have run across but it is the first time I’ve seen it. A customer emailed to say that the SQL 2008 db that I had helped him with seemed to be going into recovery mode on a regular basis while watching the SQL Management Studio screen. Needless to say he was a bit nervous and about to take some drastic steps. Eventually he found that the Auto Close option was set to true. When this is set to true, the database automatically closes all connections and unlocks ......

It’s always nice to learn something new… Today I learned that variables in SQL Server stored procedures have no scope rules. Take this example: -- Declare @Outer int Set @Outer = 1 While 1 = 1 begin Declare @Inner int Set @Inner = 2 break end Select @Outer, @Inner As a developer I expected that a new “instance” of @Inner would be created on each iteration of the loop and that the ending select would actually get an error saying that there was no variable @Inner. But this is not true, all variables ......