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I’ve been making my way through a few MVC books recently and was looking forward to reading Stephens book.

Stephen does a lot of videos on the Microsoft asp.net site that I like and I was not disappointed by the book.

Although not really targeted at MVC2 and VS 2010 all the basics are the same. He does an excellent job of stepping through the components of MVC… controllers, views, models and routing. He also digs into HTML helpers, binding, caching, authentication, testing and jquery.

All the examples are in both C# and VB which adds to the bulk of the book but is useful to see for me as I need to do both.

The second part of the book is building an actual blog application staring with a test driven design and incorporating a repository pattern, refactoring step by step as new use cases are added.

This is a very useful book and although he touches on other tools and shows some examples in Part III, the Appendixes, he mostly sticks to using Visual Studio…

A good book I’ll keep around!


posted on Tuesday, September 14, 2010 7:46 PM


# re: Book Review – ASP.NET MVC Unleashed – Stephen Walther 11/3/2010 5:46 AM James Evans
Great review Dave. Have your run across any other books \ videos or learning materials for MVC with VB.Net? I am currently attempting to develop a mobile web appplication and I think that MVC is the way to go.

# re: Book Review – ASP.NET MVC Unleashed – Stephen Walther 11/3/2010 6:46 AM Dave Noderer
Jim... well not so much VB but I liked Jeffery Palermo's book MVC in Action to explain a number of related programing concepts: http://www.manning.com/palermo/

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