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September 2010 Entries

As a complement to the already available Windows Phone 7 developer tools, templates for VB are now available. http://www.microsoft.com/do... Here is the full announcement from the VB team and a walk through of how to use it: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/vbt... You need to have the release tools installed and then this is a ......

As I start to use IE9 I’m going to point out things I like (and don’t like) in this blog entry. I like: The download/open/save bar at the bottom allows me open, save (never use because I have no idea where it goes and if I’m downloading a file I always have a place for it.), save as and view downloads. I like the space saving tab placement but need a couple of other toolbars like command and favorites. This is my main navigation so to me is not in the way. I may not keep the windows live toolbar, ......

I’ve been making my way through a few MVC books recently and was looking forward to reading Stephens book. Stephen does a lot of videos on the Microsoft asp.net site that I like and I was not disappointed by the book. Although not really targeted at MVC2 and VS 2010 all the basics are the same. He does an excellent job of stepping through the components of MVC… controllers, views, models and routing. He also digs into HTML helpers, binding, caching, authentication, testing and jquery. All the examples ......