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September 2009 Entries

I'm at the Windows 7 launch event in Ft. Lauderdale working the community booth with Alex Funkhouser, Kathy Malone and a brief celebrity appearance by Shervin Shakibi, Here are some pictures I took this morning! View Full Album ......

I just got done reading "Effective REST Services via .NET" by Kenn Scribner and Scott Seely. ISBN-13: 978-0-321-6125-7 I've been hearing a lot about restful services and have absorbed the basics by osmosis but always like to read a book to cement the ideas more clearly. This book does a good job of that but goes a few steps further. A few things I particularly liked were: - Review of http and how the internet works, things I don't pay much attention to any more! - While presenting "pure" restful ......