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June 2009 Entries

Here is a link to a short interview I did with the Microsoft VB team.

Also interesting is all the great links and resources you can get to from the VB team’s blog.


This past weekend (June 18-20) the first South Florida Kickstartz program was held at DeVry University in Miramar, FL. On Thursday night something like 20 ideas were presented and discussed with each on getting a paste up sheet on the wall with notes. On Friday, a few more ideas were presented and as a group we culled the ideas and combined a few down to four, three of which were launched into groups for further work. One of the ideas I had proposed, a home energy monitor was worked on my myself, ......

I’m luck to be surrounded by talented people including Jonathon King, former Sun Sentinel reporting, now fiction writer who lives near by and frequents Bru’s room across the street for lunch. All of his books are based in South Florida so besides the always interesting stories, it’s fun to know the locations and in some cases even the people that are mentioned or referred to. His latest is a bit of a diversion into a historical novel based mostly in Palm Beach / West Palm beach revolving around Henry ......