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February 2009 Entries

A long time / good friend of ours, Arlene Miller in Petaluma, CA is self publishing her first book for both school and home school teachers. You can find it at: http://www.bigwords101.com/. She is now working on a full grammar book. Arlene is also an English teacher, writing coach and also has a long career in technical writing. I met my wife Bobbi at a party at Arlene’s house in Boston in 1978. If you know any English teachers they should have a look ......

Last night Rainer Habermann and I led an “iPimp your Architecture”. We had a special treat for the attendees… see end of article. The first subject of discussion was the name. Alternate names for this type of session were “Trick my Architecture”, “Architect Garage” and “Fix my Architecture”. So.. before the next time we do this we will consider the name again. First up was Ray Almonte who described a 4.5 million line, mostly c++ client / server cad app that helps design buildings that use his companies ......

Another year another South Florida Code Camp! Final stats... We had 858 registered with well over 650 (peak instantaneous count was 660). It is pretty clear that there were over 700 attendees who showed up sometime during the course of the day. We had 60 speakers giving 72 sessions in 12 parallel tracks. Only one speaker was no-show and that was due to a flat tire on a plane in Jacksonville that prevented him from getting to Ft Lauderdale. A special treat was the filming of the first “Russ TV” with ......