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November 2008 Entries

Spending the day at the Emerging Business Showcase in Deerfield Beach, FL just north of Ft Lauderdale. It is put on each year by the Enterprise Development Corp. of South Florida (EDC) (http://www.edc-tech.org/) and strategically held just a few miles from my house and a block from my office, what planning! The purpose is really just to get a bunch of venture capital, angel investors, lawyers and bankers together and the highlight is 14 startups giving short (3 min) presentations / demos of their ......

I’ve become interested in a few aspects of SQL Server 2008. One is the new FILESTREAM datatype. The basic idea is to have a SQL datatype you can use in queries and searches and is managed by SQL but which does not have any particular size limitation. There are a number of articles on the multiple steps it takes to setup a database to utilize the new FILESTREAM features. I’m not going to cover that in this article. I highly recommend reading Paul Randal’s white paper on the subject, now published ......