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June 2008 Entries

Sitting here watching Adrian Wible run the eXtreme Programming Lego game. ~ 40 people have been split into 6 groups, each with a number of cards describing customer wishes and a pile of legos. Pictures at: http://geekswithblogs.net/d... Video : Process shortened for the 1.5 hr meeting. The goal is three iterations. Step 1: Estimation: 10 min - Relative difficulty Step 2: Prioritization: 5 min. - What is the most important Step 3: Signup: 5 min - What to do for the 1st iteration ......

Updated: 2008-06-10 The first Teched Tweener weekend aka ]InBetween[ was put together by our Developer Evangilist, Joe Healy and the Florida community leaders. The event was two days held on June 7/8, 2008 between the Developer and ITPro weeks of Teched in Orlando. We had nine rooms to utilize and Joe asked a number of people to lead specific tracks which included .NET Code Camp, Day of Silverlight, Agile Camp, RoboCamp, ITPro Camp, SQL University, ToolShed, Office Communications Server University, ......

Sitting in the "bloggers" lounge near the stage.

Nice backpack with much heavier duty zippers than last year.

Out of XL staff shirts, only 2XL and M left...

INETA User Group Leader Summit will be in N330 AB at 2:30 PM.