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May 2008 Entries

The LCD display on my Nikon L11 (simple point and shoot) broke sometime during Steve Balmers talk at the MVP summit this year. Having heard all the horror stories, i figured this camera was done for. I got a quote of ~ $150 to fix it from an online service but that is more than it is worth. So... i disassembled the camera, i figured i had nothing to lose. After a few very nasty shocks reminded me about the large capacitor used to fire the flash, i bought a 1k ohm, 1 watt resistor from Radio Shack ......

Even if you don't listent to DotNetRocks on a regular basis (you should!), if you are a user group leader or interested in starting a user group you should listen to this show. It is been quite a while since DotNetRocks has had a community focused show. http://www.dotnetrocks.com/ Show #344 | 5/22/2008 (69 minutes) Building Communities at Dallas TechFest Carl and Richard talk with three community leaders in Dallas about building communities, and specifically how you can directly benefit from participating ......





I was honored to be able to attend the first meeting of the Bahams .net (www.bahanet.org) user group in Nassau last week. Kyle Baly (http://codebetter.com/blog... organized the meeting held at a local comany IPBS. Fairly small group but that is ok! None of them knew what to expect and surprisingly none of them were there due to a direct contact with Kyle but because someone told them about it. After getting them warmed up to what was possible in learning, business networking and socializing, ......